Big Art for Little People

Big Art for Little People is a series multilingual short films for the very young (2-7 years). The first collection of 11 movies premiered in 2005, in autumn 2007 another 15 beautiful interesting shorts, and VISITING THE NEIGHBOURS (2011) is the third production in this series. (The third series was made by prominent artists with a non-Western personal history - our ‘new’ neighbours.)
Part 1 and part 2 can be ordered on DVD through this website, part 3 is available in a storybook (English) with pop-out play pieces and 12 films on DVD.
Background of the project:

How do you look at the world at the age of four? You see a highrise and you think: could that be a very big dresser? Where does the smoke from the chimney go to? And who is that shadow which is following me all the time? Astonishment and amazement about things you don’t understand, and the coming up with solutions from your own imagination, are qualities which seem expendable when you grow up. It’s a kind of amazement that appears to be limited to children and artists.
Big Art for Little People is a collection of short artistic movies for viewers between two and six years old. It is an audiovisual ‘picture book’ that teaches young children something about the formal language of the visual arts. The participating artists did not have to bend over or kneel to be able to do this, but simply went looking for the essence of their work. The accomplanying stories, to be read aloud, could help clarify things.
Big Art for Little People is multilingual and therefore accessible for children from all nationalities.

Have fun!

Download the english DVD1 Booklet here
Download the english DVD2 Booklet here